irion möbelsystem
Irion Furniture System: naturally spacious and flexible

The Irion Furniture System is a new product of uncompromising quality and design which offers ample latitude for individual configurations. All of its highprecision birch plywood and acrylic elements are fabricated in Switzerland. The system's outstanding features such as versatility, extendability, and convertibility allow you to reconfigure it at any time - in two different respects.

First, you can enlarge and extend it in discrete steps. Second, you can change its looks almost instantly, simply by exchanging the acrylic sliding doors. It's easy to pick colors that match or contrast with the system's surroundings.

2 compartments broad
Width: 149 cm
Total height: 184 cm
Foot height: 5 cm
Compartment heights (bottom to top): 36, 32, 27, 19, 36, 27 cm
Depth: 39.5 cm


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